SHC 800 Series

Mobil SHC™ 800 Series

High-performance turbine oils

Mobil SHC 800 Series synthetic turbine oils are designed to meet the needs of some of the most severe industrial gas turbine applications. They provide outstanding low-temperature fluidity and exceptional resistance to degradation at high temperatures well beyond the capabilities of our premium quality mineral oils.

Powerful protection
To create Mobil SHC 800 Series oils, our formulators blend specific additives that maximize the benefits of proprietary synthetic base oils to provide exceptional oil life and deposit control and resistance to thermal and chemical degradation. Solve your gas turbine lubrication challenges with the balanced performance of Mobil SHC 800 oils.

Features & Potential Benefits

• High level of resistance to heat soak-back after turbine shutdown
• Less deposit build-up and improved reliability and lower maintenance costs
• Long oil charge life and lower product costs
• Improved safety
• Reliable flow and lubrication during cold starts, even at very low temperatures
• Improved equipment protection at high temperatures
• Efficient system operation and less un-planned stoppages
• Excellent equipment protection and reduced equipment replacement costs

Typical Properties

Mobil SHC 800 Series 824 825
ISO Viscosity Grade 32 46
Viscosity, ASTM D 445
cSt @ 40º C 31.5 43.9
cSt @ 100º C 5.9 7.9
Viscosity Index, ASTM D 2270 135 145
Pour Point, ºC, ASTM D 97 ‹-54 -45
Flash Point, ºC, ASTM D 92 248 248


Mobil SHC 800 Series turbine oils are designed specifically to meet the needs of the most severe industrial gas turbine applications and ancillary equipment. Specific applications include:

• Severe stationary gas turbine applications, particularly units under 3,000hp, for stand-by power generation.
• Industrial gas turbines operating in low ambient and remote areas
• Total energy systems