marinelubMobilGard™– The Engineered Advantage™

For generations, ship owners and operators have relied on the efficiency and reliability of a MobilGard-protected engine to help lower their cost of operation by:

  • Extending engine and component life
  • Lowering oil consumption
  • Increasing oil drain intervals
  • Reducing maintenance costs and downtime

Now ExxonMobil is proud to introduce Mobilgard 560 VS. Scheduled for launch later this year, this all-new high-performance cylinder oil provides outstanding wear performance for slow speed engines at both high and low fuel sulphur levels.

Unique formulation
MobilGard oils are designed and formulated to ensure quality, reliability and global consistency, keeping ExxonMobil at the forefront of marine lubricant technology.

We routinely conduct industry standard and proprietary bench tests to evaluate and compare our cylinder oils with competitor products.

Our rigorous testing includes reviewing deposit and wear control, as well as corrosion protection when contaminated with water. Our results demonstrate that MobilGard oils consistently deliver outstanding performance and have excellent consistency from region to region.
Proven performance
Modern engines put tremendous stress on a lubricant’s ability to perform and MobilGard oils are formulated to prevent any premature wear on your engine components. This allows overhaul periods to be extended, ensuring that engines can operate reliably with a lower overall cost of lubrication.

MobilGard cylinder oils are formulated with high-quality, heavy neutral base stocks, which have a higher thermal and oxidative stability than bright stocks. They also contain patented synthetic thickeners to increase viscosity and are coupled with our unique balanced additive package, which ensures piston rings and liners are protected under some of the most arduous operating conditions.

Our success is achieved through our unique approach to oil development, using advanced technology, base stocks and a proprietary balanced formulation of additives. Engines running on MobilGard lubricants have demonstrated outstanding cleanliness, with reduced deposit formation helping reduce component wear.

MobilGard cylinder oils are proven to:

  • Control piston deposits and liner wear in severe applications
  • Provide outstanding wear protection at high temperatures
  • Allow safe optimisation of feed rate settings without compromising wear

We offer outstanding performance, trouble-free operation and peace of mind.