Mobil Delvac 1600 Monogrades

MF1540Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils
Mobil Delvac™ 1630 and 1640 are extra high performance diesel engine oils formulated from advanced base oils and a balanced additive system to meet or exceed the demanding specifications of the world’s leading builders of modern diesel engines. They are recommended by ExxonMobil for use in European and Japanese-designed intercooled, highly turbocharged engines operating under the most severe on and off-highway conditions.

Today’s low emission engines place increasing demands on engine lubricants.  Tighter engine designs reduce oil consumption, resulting in less fresh oil make-up to replenish depleted additives.  Higher piston top ring positioning brings the oil film closer to the extreme combustion temperatures increasing thermal stress on the lubricant.  Higher fuel injection pressure and retarded timing improve burn efficiency, but also increase engine part loading, temperatures, and soot in the oil.  The advanced technology in Mobil Delvac 1630 and 1640 provides exceptional performance in both modern diesel engines as well as older models.  The key benefits include:


• Outstanding protection against oil thickening, high temperature deposits, sludge build-up, and oil degradation, Outstanding control of high temperature deposits, Extended oil life above OEM recommended Oil Drain Intervals(ODI), Excellent protection against ring sticking
• Exceptional wear protection, Reduces maintenance costs and extends engine life
• Excellent soot handling capabilities, Maintains viscosity control and reduces wear