Mobil DTE FM Series

Product Description

Mobil DTE™ FM Series oils are high performance lubricants designed to satisfy a wide range of multi-use equipment requirements for the food processing and packaging industry. These lubricants are qualified as NSF H1 type lubricants and also comply with Title 21 CFR 178.3570 by the Food and Drug Administration (USA) for lubricants with incidental food contact. The lubricants are tasteless, odourless, premium quality lubricants formulated with non-toxic NSF/FDA food grade additives and base oils. The additive system provides good wear protection, excellent oxidation stability and protection against rust. They provide good system cleanliness, long oil/filter life, and optimum equipment protection. The Mobil DTE FM Series oils are excellent gear, bearing and circulating oils. They are also suitable for handling the critical requirements of hydraulic system components such as close clearance servo-valves and the high accuracy numerically controlled (NC) machine tools. These products meet the most rigorous performance requirements of a wide range of system and component manufacturers using various multi-metallurgy designs allowing a single product with outstanding performance characteristics.

The Mobil DTE FM Series oils have high ratings in the FZG Gear Test demonstrating their excellent protection against wear and scuffing. This allows their use in systems other than hydraulics that may contain gears and bearings. The naturally high viscosity index of the base oils ensures outstanding performance over a wide temperature range.

Features and Benefits

• Non-Toxic Formulation, Allows use in food packaging and processing applications
• Very Good Anti-wear Properties, Reduces wear, Extends equipment life
• Excellent Oxidation Stability, Provides long oil and equipment life, Extends filter life
• High Level Corrosion Protection, Prevents internal hydraulic system corrosion, Reduces negative effects of moisture in systems, Provides corrosion protection of multi-metallurgy component designs
• Meets a Wide Range of equipment requirements, Multi-service applications – One product can replace several, Minimises inventory requirements, Reduced potential for product misapplication
• Excellent Air Separation Characteristics, Reduces foaming and it’s negative effects
• Very Good Water Separation Properties, Protects systems where small quantities of moisture are present, Readily separates larger quantities of water