Mobil Pyrogard 53

Product Description

Mobil Pyrogard 53 is a high performance phosphate ester synthetic fluid designed to replace petroleum-based oils in hydraulic applications where operating conditions preclude the use of combustible petroleum products. Mobil Pyrogard 53 is approved by Factory Mutual (FM) as a fire-resistant fluid.

Mobil Pyrogard 53 has excellent resistance to oxidation at temperatures normally encountered in hydraulic systems and gives long service life without the formation of deleterious sludges and other materials. It resists foaming and separates readily from water. It offers good antiwear protection for high pressure, high output hydraulic pumps and is very resistant to shear so that it retains its viscosity throughout its service life. The product provides good long-term rust protection, provided there is proper control to avoid excessive water contamination. Mobil Pyrogard 53 has a specific gravity greater than that of water. Any water in the system will float to the top of the reservoir where it can easily be removed. The high specific gravity also affects the flow characteristics of the fluid and must be taken into account in the design and maintenance of the system.

The successful experience over the years in a wide variety of hydraulic applications where fire resistance is a key concern has made Mobil Pyrogard 53 the product of choice for many users.

Features and Benefits

Mobil Pyrogard 53 is an important member of the Pyrogard brand of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids that have provided outstanding service, worldwide, in the most demanding of applications. Mobil Pyrogard 53 was developed in conjunction with hydraulic equipment builders to meet the needs of applications where fire-resistance properties are critical, but where the lubrication performance and long service life expected from mineral base products would be maintained.

Mobil Pyrogard 53 is engineered to provide a high level of fire resistance, and is approved as such by the Factory Mutual group. The product is formulated to provide excellent lubrication properties, including resistance to oxidation, sludge formation and foaming, along with long-term corrosion protection and good water separability.

Mobil Pyrogard 53 offers the following benefits:

• Excellent fire resistance, Increased safety in fire-sensitive applications
• Outstanding antiwear properties, Long life of pumps, motors and valves with reduced parts replacement costs
• Excellent oxidation stability and sludge resistance, Extended fluid life and long filter life
• Long term rust protection in service, Problem-free hydraulic system operation, reduced downtime
• Highly resistant to viscosity shear breakdown, Retains viscosity over life of fluid to give smooth, efficient and reliable operation
• Good antifoam and water separation properties, Avoids excessive water contamination and erratic operation due to foamy oil; lower operational costs