Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series

Product Description

The Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series family of products provides a versatile lubricant source for a wide range of industrial equipment.  The Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series of lubricants are high performance heavy duty circulating oils designed for the demands of No-Twist Rod mills, however their all round performance makes them a excellent choice for circulation systems lubricating gears and bearings. Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series are designed to meet the critical requirements of the Morgan Construction Company’s high speed No-Twist Rod Mills, as well as the circulation oil requirements of Danielli rod mills.

They are formulated from high quality base stocks and a proprietary additive system to provide superior wettability, extra oil retention and thin film protection against rust and corrosion.    Mobil Vacuoline 500 gives excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, and a high level of protection against wear. They possess excellent demulsibility that permits water and other contaminants to separate readily from the oil in the system reservoir.  The Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series are available in six viscosity grades.

Features and Benefits

The Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series family of products is well known and highly regarded world-wide based on their outstanding performance and the Research and Development expertise and global technical support which stand behind the brand. The highly versatile performance of Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series oils, has made them the choice of many users around the world for many decades.

Mobil Vacuoline 500 series are designed for lubrication of circulation systems of No-Twist Rod Mills, industrial and marine gearboxes, hydraulic systems plus a wide variety of ancillary equipment.

• Good protection against rust and corrosion through a balanced high performance lubricant formulation, Fewer unscheduled stoppages and lower maintenance costs
• Outstanding antiwear performance, Excellent protection of critical bearings and gears
• Excellent water separation characteristics, Rapid separation of water for smooth, efficient operation, reduced downtime and undiminished wear protection
• High resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, Long oil charge life and avoidance of costs of unanticipated production interruptions
• Multiple application capability, Inventory Savings